Replacing Amalgam Fillings

Patients often approach us with concerns regarding their amalgam fillings.  They often feel that the silver of the amalgam is unsightly and they may also dislike the idea of having mercury amalgam in their mouth.  Traditionally the process has been to drill out the fillings and replace them with white composite.  This has always been an imperfect solution because often, when the cavities are quite large, then white fillings are not an effective long term solution. This is because their is often shrinkage in the material.

As a practice we have recognised these difficulties for a number of years and in 2012 took the decision to invest in the next generation of dental technology.  CEREC dental technology is simpler, more accurate and provides stronger, more attractive results.  The process involves the fillings being removed, a digital scan taken of the area that needs filling, which is in turn transmitted directly to an on-site milling unit.  This in turn manufactures the highest quality ceramic  in-lay, on-lay or even crown within one hour.  Ceramic is the strongest dental material and does not shrink or wear.  The process also provides a more natural contour in the area being filled.

The attached link (apologies, it’s a bit cheesy…) demonstration of the technology however please do feel free to contact us  at our Bristol dental practice to to see the technology for yourself.

Cerec Demo